Our History

The Inchcape Story begins...

Eleven miles off the coast of Scotland lies Inchcape Rock - one of the most treacherous submerged reefs in the northern hemisphere and the final resting place of countless ships and their fearless crews.

All that changed thanks to the pioneering spirit of a young engineer, Robert Stevenson, who dreamed of building the impossible - a lighthouse on the 'Rock'.

Despite being ridiculed by his rivals, Stevenson never lost faith in his plan, and by February 1811, the lighthouse was built - becoming one of the seven wonders of the industrial world.

100 years later, inspired by this pioneering spirit, our leading founder, James Lyle MacKay, took the title 'Baron Inchcape of Strathnaver'

160 Years of History & Innovation

Our story started in 1847 and is the tale of a great commercial dynasty founded by four intrepid Scotsmen who dared to try something new and take a few risks along the way. Shipping merchants by trade, they were always looking to innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition.

They quickly established a reputation for being courageous businessmen who grew their company at unprecedented rates. They built their early business of delivering exactly what their customers wanted and being forward thinking when it came to looking after their people.

This focus on people, service and innovation has survived 160 years and is the foundation upon which our company is built today.


Inchcape Story begins...

Inchcape Lighthouse